DotCom History

DotCom has been creating websites and developing world-class Digital Strategies since the very beginning of the internet explosion in the 90's!

We’ve won numerous industry awards including the prestigious “Website of the Year” awarded by The WDA (Web Developers Association), but we’re even more proud of what our clients say about us.

Recognized as one of the top digital firms in the United States (Forbes 2008), DotCom has recently moved out of the Fortune 500 space to help small to mid-sized businesses gain access to a level of quality they’ve never seen before.

Early Years - 1995 to 2000 as Dynamic Revolution

While working on his Master's Degree in Informational Systems in the mid 1990's, Sam Natello founded a small Website Design company he named Dynamic Revolution. The year was 1995 - the very year that marked the beginning of the dot-com boom.

Several years before Google, Amazon, or Facebook launched - Sam was already making a name for himself in the Website Design and Digital Marketing space with his first big break coming in 1998. It was in this year that Sam designed and developed one of the very first kiosk-based email collection systems which also integrates with the client's website - a solution he rolled out for the New York Yankees. It was a huge success collecting several hundred thousand email addresses of their fans in the first year and enabling them to reach their fanbase in ways they had not previously been able to.

In the next few years Sam worked on projects for Nike, Disney, and many other mega-brands. Recognizing the need to transition from "pure tech" into a more diverse company with more integrated and effective solutions, Sam became known for his unique ability to integrate complex data-system technology with beautiful design and world-class digital marketing skills. It was this unique integrative approach which allowed Sam to play a major role in executing one of the most successful SEO campaigns of all-time for Dell Computers.

The experiences Sam gained during these years shaped the future of our company. Working with many of the greatest marketing minds in the world from these awesome mega-brands, Sam created a powerful "blueprint" which he uses to create high-performing digital strategies and campaigns for companies around the world.

Transitional Years - 2001 to 2006 as DotCom Design Studio

In 2001, Sam restructured and rebranded the company for hyper-growth.

DotCom was now serving hundreds of clients of all sizes - providing services ranging from website design, to seo, to managing email marketing campaigns, developing smart systems, and more.

However, success came too fast. Without a proper growth management strategy or a seasoned COO to help lead the company, DotCom buckled under the hyper-speed flow of new work as we expanded in too many different directions. Sam made a series of mis-steps which nearly bankrupted the company.

Despite the business management difficulties, DotCom continued to deliver world-class work for our clients - winning the very prestigious award for Website of the Year from the WDA (Web Developers Association) in recognition of our development of a revolutionary new data-push technology which is still used over a decade later.

Every entrepreneur knows that real personal growth often comes through failure and overcoming challenges. It is during this time that Sam and DotCom became refined and hyper-focused on solid business practices for ourselves and EXCITING RESULTS for our clients. Nothing else mattered.

It was during this time that we began to use our slogan "EXCITING RESULTS" - which we still proudly use many years later.

Most Recently - 2007 to Today as DotCom Global Media

In 2007, Sam restructured the company once more and rebranded as DotCom Global Media. This was done to reflect the convergence of technologies into one big cluster of "media".

With the focus shifting to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, there was a much greater emphasis on the most efficient strategies, designs, and systems that could produce positive ROI (return on investment) in the shortest period of time.

The move was a huge success and in 2008, Forbes recognized DotCom Global Media as one of the top digital firms in the United States. Sam made numerous appearances and spoke at many industry events and business conferences across the country.

DotCom has refined the way we engage with our clients - preferring a much closer relationship and providing more day-to-day management and oversight of our client's digital campaigns. It is common for us to communicate with our clients multiple times per week as (in many cases) we are posting social media content, managing email marketing lists and campaigns, tracking offers and ad campaigns, and much more.

With thousands of websites built in hundreds of different industries and with hundreds of active clients who use us for daily, weekly, or monthly support ... DotCom has an incredible amount of expertise to help nearly every business drastically improve their online performance.

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