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Humbly speaking, we’re pretty awesome! We’ve won numerous industry awards including the prestigious “Website of the Year” awarded by The WDA (Web Developers Association), but we’re even more proud of what our clients say about us. DotCom has been creating websites and designing digital strategies since 1995. Recognized as one of the top digital firms in the United States(Forbes 2008), DotCom moved out of the Fortune 500 space to help small to mid-sized businesses gain access to a level of quality they’ve never seen before.

Early Years - 1995 to 2000 as Dynamic Revolution

Back in the middle of the 1990’s, a guy named Sam Natello graduated college. Master of Informational Systems was something of a space-age degree, considering the Internet still ran on dial-up networks and Google and Amazon weren’t around yet

Sam started a business in 1995, the very year that marked the beginning of the dot-com boom. Since his company, Dynamic Revolution, was pioneering data systems and smart technology, Sam had amazing opportunities right out of the gate.

Instead of seeking entry-level clients, Sam started by signing contracts with the likes of Disney, Dell, Nike and the New York Yankees. His primary task was to develop high-end smart data systems, but Sam was gleaning a ton of valuable insight from these corporate-level experts. He sat in on meetings with CEOs, Marketing Teams, Creatives, and Salespeople. Sam observed their various approaches and how they collaborated on projects and worked out issues.

While doing SEO for Dell Computers, Sam learned how the big guys handled business in the web and computers industry. Meanwhile, working as a developer for Disney and Nike gave Sam a front-row seat in the world of design. Plus, collaborating with the Yankees’ staff helped to shape his marketing sense. You might find it amusing that Sam was even called to work on a project for Hillary Clinton, at one point.

Not so bad, for a brand-new entrepreneur… and this was just the beginning.

Transitional Years - 2001 to 2006 as DotCom Design Studio

Business continued to thrive, as the demand for smart data grew. Sam dove in to learn more about business, web design, and marketing. He wanted to perfect his ability to develop a well designed website that had marketing power.

The respective roles of a web developer, web designer, and digital marketer are strikingly different. These qualities are not typically found in one person. Sam’s skill set evolved into a hybrid of these three roles, thanks to hundreds of hours working side-by-side with the best designers and marketers in the world.

In short, Sam became a machine.

He restructured his business under the new name DotCom Design Studio, and he hired and trained over ten employees. The new business went beyond just data systems, and focused more on website design and development.

By the second year, DotCom had received a very prestigious award from the WDA (Wed Developers Association) for Website of the Year for Design.

DotCom became a familiar name in business circles and at conferences like CEO Space International. After consulting with mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs, it became clear that there was an immediate need for better design and marketing. DotCom began offering services specifically for these small businesses.

Things kicked into high gear and soon DotCom was managing 80 active projects at any given time. The company took the industry by storm, bringing in 300 new clients each year…mostly entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses.

Most Recently - 2007 to Today as DotCom Global Media

Since the focus shifted to web design and digital marketing for small-to-mid level businesses, Sam restructured the company in 2007 as DotCom Global Media.

DotCom has emerged as a cheerleader for small business, offering coaching for entrepreneurs and digital marketing services. DotCom works with business owners to show them how to use social media and content marketing effectively to nurture leads and pull in higher sales.

In 2008, Forbes recognized DotCom Global Media as one of the top digital firms in the United States

Now that we are twenty years into the dot-com boom, things look very different. The number of sites online is higher than ever, web designers are a dime a dozen, and competition is fierce.

DotCom has adapted to the new challenges with a managed services model. Gradually, new services have been added such as smart email marketing, drip campaigns, building and segmenting mailing lists, PPC ads, Google Adwords, and much, much more.

As social media continues to evolve for business, everything keeps changing. Google algorithms are also changing. Content marketing and SEO are on fire and key to capturing attention on the oversaturated World Wide Web.

At DotCom, we are gaining momentum because of our unique processes and clear understanding of the web. As the company grows, so does the size and capability of our team!

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