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If the old adage which says "You are known by the company you keep" has any merit, then we must be simply amazing because our strategic partners are incredible. Over many years we have worked with, developed relationships with, and come to trust - a small number of amazing "partners" who may be positioned to be a great resource for you.

Companies need different things at different stages. Not every one of our Strategic Partners are a good fit for you at your current stage of business. As you grow, one of our partners may, suddenly, become a very important piece of that growth. For this reason, there are partners we may not recommend to you today that may be critical tomorrow.

Are You a World-Class Service Provider?

Do you have what it takes to be a Strategic Partner with DotCom? Let's have a conversation about how we can work together to provide even more value to our clients.

Our Partners & Strategic Alliances

Our Partner - LayPSI

The industry-leading agency for the next-generation of podcasting. Helping businesses establish themselves as authorities and thought-leaders in their industry.

Our Partner - LayPSI

Lay Professional Services, Inc. improves our clients' profitability through expert coaching and consulting. We develop structure and processes, we guide members of your organization to share your vision of the future, and engage them to create programs and procedures to achieve that vision.

We work with companies that are underperforming compared to their potential. The needs of each client determine our approach. Services most frequently provided include the following: Strategic Planning, CEO Advisory Services, Organizational Development, Project Management, Market Planning, Bonus and Compensation Planning.

50 USA Markets provides market entry research and consulting for domestic and international companies. The company has helped companies in an array of industries bring their products to market, including a small, U.S. manufacturer with product research and market access; a large, European supplier for IKEA find a U.S. joint venture partner for a $20 million investment project and creation of 350 new American jobs; find outsourced logistics services for U.S. trucking companies looking to reduce operational costs; and a European organics company find importers and vendors for their agricultural products.

Thomas Moviel is the CEO and has a background in economic research and business consulting. He has worked as an international economist, economic development consultant in Romania, and conducted field research in Bolivia, South Africa and Switzerland. He has worked on research projects for a multitude of European, South American, and African countries; as well as Australia. Thomas holds a dual-MA in Economics and International Political Economy from Fordham University. His Bachelor's degree is in Finance from Kent State University.

Our Partner - The Clear Business Directory

In a world of self-proclaimed experts, it can be difficult to know who to trust. The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM is the first and ONLY resource to highlight businesses who operate in integrity and transparency. Every member of The CLEARTM is screened annually for frauds, scams and competency.

The CLEAR Business DirectoryTM also offers due diligence and vetting solutions to individuals and businesses who want to avoid the mess of a fraud or scam. Before you engage a service provider, a partner, hire an employee or spend time and money with anyone, make sure they're ... in The CLEARTM!

Our Partner - The Clear Business Directory

Wendy is a 4x best-selling author and internationally recognized authority in business growth through proven impact strategy formulas. Helping entrepreneurs reach millions, make millions & love your life along the way by making a measurable impact in the world.

Our Partner - The Clear Business Directory

The Umbrella Syndicate amplifies your message and greatly expands your reach through Viral Social Media Campaigns that are attached to EVENTS. Essentially, if you are having an event (or a series of events) and you want tens of thousands of people to see it on social media - these are the guys for you!

Our Partner - The Clear Business Directory

Beyond Local is a superbly talented business consulting firm - helping businesses implement and manage powerful strategies and tactics.

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