Our Superstars

Sam Natello

President / Creative Director

Company founder and all-around rock star. Earned dual undergrad degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, a master's degree in Informational Systems, and holds over a dozen certifications in design, data systems architecture, and digital marketing.

Anna Natello

Co-Owner / Project Manager

Combines her natural gifts of organization and detailed planning with her training as a certified Inbound Marketer to manage our people and our projects - ensuring everything is completed on time, on budget, and as promised.

Melissa Crosson

Client Services Manager

As the face of DotCom to most of the world, Melissa is responsible to make sure our clients are happy. Not only is she really friendly and happy all the time, she is a heck of an advocate for our clients - making sure we always deliver our best.

Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney

Content Manager

Rhapsody specializes in creating content that drives major traffic to websites using the Inbound Marketing methodology. When you go to our client's websites and see tons of great "stuff" ... her figerprints are all over it.

Andy Macpherson

Social Media Manager

An expert in Social Media Marketing, Andy creates instant visibility for our client's promotional efforts. With a strong background in SEO and professional photography, Andy has a unique skill set that allows him to be ultra-effective.

Edward Yesko


Ed can take abstract ideas and concepts and bring them to life through intuitive design and a mastery of multiple technology platform designed for content delivery. Basically, he rocks.

Our Valued Team

Ankit Sigdel

Web Developer

Christopher Davis

Website Copywriter

Emily Walsh

Copywriter / Blogger

Olivia Wells


Stephanie Allen

Brand Ambassador

Lisa Moore

Video / Blogger

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