If you’re like most business owners, your website has NEVER performed very well. At first, you had high hopes for your online presence, but it’s become a big disappointment. It’s time for a change. We can fix your website to make it work as hard as you do, just like we’ve helped so many others. How does an 800% increase in online leads sound? We will double or triple your web traffic in the first year when you work with us. You will even gain 10,000+ dedicated social followers. These are just some of the results we were able to GUARANTEE and deliver for our clients. What do YOUR goals look like?

At DotCom, we are very competitive and also pretty nerdy. We run tests constantly to track the results and impact of the different services we provide. We always check to see how we are measuring up, and how close we are to our benchmarks. This is how we monitor our success as your marketing agency, and our success directly impacts yours. We run a monthly report for each client so we can see where we are dominating, and check for areas that need to be tweaked. Measurement and analysis is a vital part of any strategic plan, and we are hardwired to hold ourselves accountable to the grids, charts and numbers that are showing us exactly how well we are doing for our clients.

A Closer Look

Guaranteed Benchmarks

We are the ONLY COMPANY that we know of that guarantees certain benchmarks during the first year. Everybody has expectations and wishes, but we can set achievable goals and make big promises to you because we know what we are doing.

We can guarantee what kind of traffic you’ll get, what your social media audience size will look like, the number of email addresses on your mailing list, and the number of leads that your website will bring in while you’re working with us.

It’s not guesswork- it’s science.

Goal-driven system

Everything we do at DotCom is for one reason only: to help clients reach their goals.

Do you need to make more money, rebrand your company, expand your market reach, or something else? Every element of your plan will be directly connected to a goal that YOU will set. We spend time with you to explore what you want and need from your company, and help you to set goals that are attainable and beneficial to the growth of your business.

Once we see your vision and understand your goals, we go to work implementing a strategy based on buyer behavior, to draw a clear path to your goals.

Measurement and Analysis

The primary role for a B2B like DotCom is knowing what to do and getting it done- and we have got this down to a science!

We track and measure every aspect of your project and make projections based on things that we know about the industry. Ranking, trust scores, consumer behavior, trends in the market, search engine algorithms, click rates, and more… we research and review constantly so we know where we are going and when we have arrived.

Every month, we run a report for each client to see how they’re stacking up to competitors, and how close we are to their goals. Measurement keeps us on the right track and empowers us to keep reaching higher.

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