Client Permission

We work with many nationally-known brands who explicitly do not give us permission to advertise our association with them. That being said we are allowed to use their name and show our work to new leads and clients.

We Work For Other Agencies

Much of our work comes from other agencies who hire us to fulfill their contracts. As such, we are not permitted to display this work in our portfolio. We can show these projects when they are relevant to a new client or a lead.

Lack of Control

Many of the awesome websites we design are turned over to the client after the launch. One of their in-house team members or a "local" web designer then is responsible for day-to-day updates. Sadly, many people have no eye for design and they can "crap up" (an official term we use around DotCom) the site we worked so hard to design. Since we are not responsible for the ongoing maintenance of some of our websites, we are not comfortable linking to them.


Sadly, there are a few of our competitors who seem to have very similar design ideas to ours. Their websites tend to look a lot like ours AFTER we launch a new site. We decided to stop helping them come up with new innovative ideas.

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