I am a
Business Owner

"I wanted measurable results, performance guarantees,
and a website that makes more money for my company."

I am a
Marketing Director

"I needed to partner with a Digital Agency
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I am a
Sales Manager

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I own a
Local Detail Shop

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I needed to reach more of our LOCAL market."

I own a
Popular Restaurant

"I wanted to sell my sauces online.
I need to reach my customers and make it easy to buy. "

Client Testimonials

"I love the website DotCom created for my business. In terms of professionalism, they rocked! Before I had a custom-made site, I couldn't show off my credentials in confidence to prospects and clients. In terms of efficiency, DotCom really took the time to make sure my website was responsive; targeting specific devices like my iPad or iPhone. DotCom was readily available at an unbeatable price and offered a super-quick turn-around, despite a tight timeframe. A great team I would refer to any business, friend or client who is looking for a 5 Star website and service."

"We hired DotCom to streamline and modernize our website. We set up a series of monthly performance metrics that have met or exceeded every month. Our website is now responsive and we are able to measure our mobile growth on that platform. In addition, they have designed features that make us uniquely advanced in our industry. The outcome that we required from the beginning was "more sales". That is a lot easier asked for than it is achieved. For the first half of 2016, our sales have increased 19%, which leads our industry."

DotCom was an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with and super responsive with day-to-day needs and last minute requests. They always deliver beautiful work."

"It was a relief when DotCom shielded us from all the technical details and just made sure we were designing a site that looks and works amazing. I was impressed with the delivery of their all-around skill set, client service and attention to detail every step of the way. They always took that extra mile to make sure our needs were met."

"Delivering an exceptional product is always "job one". However, equally important to me as a business owner, it is crucial that I work with people that speak my language. Sam is always up-front and honest with his information. He takes ownership of his rare mistakes and is always responsive to emails and phone calls."

"I have already recommended DotCom to other businesses. DotCom went above and beyond in helping create our site and truly trying to understand our needs. They were always patient with changes that needed to be made along the way and with our learning process of building a functional site. Any changes we did have were always done quickly."

"Anna, I didn't want to clutter up your inbox but I couldn't resist writing to thank you for your message yesterday. I appreciate your promptness and am especially grateful that I don't have to worry about anything! The world of web design is completely foreign to me. Thanks for being my guide. Thank you for beginning to educate me about website design. No wonder the work you and your firm do is fabulous!"

"Thanks for all you are doing - we do really like the direction the website is heading!! We are excited."

"My experience with DotCom has been a positive one, from the friendly staff who are always uplifting and supportive when discussing our creative ideas to the timely fashion the updates have been made to our website when requested. The staff at DotCom are professional, creative and knowledgeable. I would recommend using DotCom for all your website needs."

"Awesome work on the pictures! The sight is much more appealing and exciting to me, and I appreciate the work done to brighten it up! Pat your team on the back for me ... again, nice work!"

"Wow ! really a great job! Looks very clean and Professional. I really like the overall design! I really like I am 100% happy ... great job! I'll give it a 10! Great Job!"

"I'm extremely happy with it. You guys are doing amazing work...."

"Hi – Looks great – simple clean – I know exactly why I am there, where to go and what to do."

"We always expect the best and this is what we are getting from Sam, Anna and the team. Quick response and great ideas that stimulate us. Highly recommended."

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