How We Are Different

There are only 16 design agencies in the world who have won the WDA Website of the Year Award, and we are one of them! Of that elite group, we are the only company that handles back-end development (our specialty) and digital marketing strategies. Many companies claim to be different… while doing exactly the same thing as everyone else. DotCom really IS different. We have earned awards and accolades that speak to just how unique we are.

"There are only 16 design agencies in the world
who have won the WDA Website of the Year Award
... and we are one of them"

The key difference is our integrated approach. Most web companies follow a process that involves a marketing team, a design team, and development team. The three teams try to work on the same project, but there isn’t any overlap of understanding, and there’s usually a communication breakdown. Solutions are limited to what each individual team knows how to do and everything is modular. Your project becomes mediocre as a result of compromise.

We have marketing, design, and development experts working together on the same team, on the same projects, in the same office. We take time to develop a strategy right out of the gate, making sure that your plans are consistent with your vision. Get to know us and see how DotCom can mean a world of difference to you and your business!

A Closer Look

Traditional Service

One way that we can help to elevate your company is through our traditional marketing service. This is the most popular method, where all of the work is done by us. You set the goals, but we create the strategy that feeds the action plan, and we handle all of the tasks and deadlines. Whether we are designing your website, developing a program, or launching your next marketing campaign, everything is our responsibility.

This is ideal for the busy entrepreneur, because we work through your strategic plan while you tend to the rest of your business. The standard method allows you to be as hands-on as you want to be, but you are not required to do anything more than give your approval as we go. You will not need to deal with our long list of tasks, but you will feel good knowing that we are ON IT and you can count on us to get it done right!

Expert Coaching Service

Another option to move your business forward is to establish a partnership through our coaching service. This method can be very effective and is generally less expensive than the traditional service, because you will do much of the work yourself. We teach you everything you need to know and are always available to answer questions and to give a little help when needed. Our knowledge and expertise guides your project and we provide a platform and tools, and assign tasks for you to complete.

For this method to be successful, it’s imperative that a key, dependable employee is designated as your point of contact, to work with us very closely. This in-house project manager needs to have reasonable computer skills, sufficient time to dedicate to learning from us and performing the tasks, and he or she should be a permanent, reliable part of your company. This project manager can almost never be the business owner, based on the sheer amount of time and work that will be required to complete the necessary tasks.

Our Web Partner Service

If the traditional service is too expensive and you don’t have the time and/or personnel to utilize in our coaching service, we can offer a combination of the two. Our Web Partner program is designed for us to work together.

We will determine which tasks can be done by you, and divide up the workload accordingly. We handle most of the technically demanding tasks and we will train you to do the more manageable tasks on your own. Together, we can take a collaborative approach to website design and maintenance, content creation, digital marketing, and more. Our Web Partner service keeps everyone on the same page, working together towards the goals that have been set for your company.

For companies who have an in-house marketer (or marketing team) but their digital marketing knowledge is somewhat limited, this is a perfect solution.

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