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There are a lot of "moving parts" to a successful online campaign. Without a proper strategy, companies take longer to reach their goals - costing them both time and money..

Do You Need A Digital Strategy?

Most emphatically, yes! There are simply too many options and too many different approaches to make it up as you go along. Additionally, it is impossible to get your team on the same page and moving in the same direction without a clearly defined and properly documented Digital Strategy - leading to second-guessing, disagreements, and frequent changes in direction - costing the company time, money, and unity.

Without a proper digital strategy, companies (on the average) achieve the following results:

  • Increased Spending
    Companies spend over 47% more money to achieve similar results as their competitors who do have a strategy (due to costly mistakes).
  • Move Slower
    Companies take over 83% longer to reach their online objectives due to inefficiency and missteps. This statistic is actually skewed low (in our opinion) as a much higher percentage of companies NEVER reach their objectives without a proper digital strategy ... those businesses are not included in this statistic.

  • The Proper Mindset About Strategy

    Many business owners treat their online presence as an expense. They often focus their attention on questions like "how much is this going to cost"? Once cost becomes your primary concern, the digital death spiral begins. There are always ways to spend less money. You can cut and cut and cut until you eventually stop spending any money at all. You can quite easily "cut" your way out of business.

    A different question that is much more effective for achieving results and helping you get to your goals is; "how can I achieve X goal in the shortest amount of time for the lowest budget WITHOUT sacrificing our ability to continue to grow in the future?

    A Warning About Attempting to Copy A Competitor's Strategy

    Many people fall into the trap of trying to copy a competitor's strategy. This rarely works for a number of reasons, but the one that is inescapable is: even if you think you know what a competitor's strategy is from the outside, it can be very hard to copy successfully unless you know ALL of the individual details.

    Much like a chemical reaction, different quantities of the same elements combined in different ways can produce very different results. Often, when people try to copy a strategy, they're really just copying an element or an activity. Missing even one key ingredient can change the results dramatically.

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    Compound Strategy

    Individually, the elements of Oxygen and Hydrogen behave in a certain manner. However, when combined in just the right way, these simple elements turn into awesome compounds, like water and ice. Digital Strategy is similar. Individual tactics can be helpful, but when combined strategically, the results can be quite powerful. In our Compound Strategy Process, we look at everything together as a complex system and develop a winning formula without introducing any artificial barriers or boundaries between individual strategies and approaches. It is a very comprehensive process involving all of the items listed individually below, in whatever proportion is right for your situation.

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    Website Strategy

    We look at website design, layout, performance optimization, website features, tools, etc. We apply the latest research to help you better engage with your website visitors - significantly increasing page views, time-on-site, return visits, and any other objectives that apply to your situation.

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    Social Strategy

    For companies who are looking to use social media as a significant part of their online marketing, this is a must! From audience-building strategies to increased engagement, from social ad campaigns, audience targeting, viral campaigns, etc. Learn how to use social media to achieve your goals.

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    Content Strategy

    On the web today, content is king. The ability to attract attention, engage with your audience, convert your visitors into leads, and eventually into customers, relies on great content. Content strategy helps to identify what needs to be produced and how it can be produced, posted, and supported in the most efficient and effective manner.

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    Conversion Strategy

    The ability to convert website traffic and social followers into paying customers is a crucial step for businesses online. Using the latest research and tactics, we help you develop a high-conversion process.

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    Authority Site Strategy

    For companies who are attempting to position themselves as an industry authority, there are unique issues that must be addressed. Nearly every other strategy described previously is dramatically effected by an Authority Site approach.

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    Mobile Strategy

    Using the latest available research relating to mobile usage and behavior as well as a keen understanding of mobile technology and applications, we help you optimize your mobile presentation and strategy to engage your audience in the most effective manner possible.

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    Intensive Keyword Strategy

    The centerpiece of SEO efforts and Content Marketing Campaigns, Keyword Strategy fundamentally impacts nearly every online decision you make and the way you deliver your message to the world. It is critically important to "target" the proper keywords to drive the maximum traffic.

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    Competitor Strategy

    Through the use of powerful tools, we conduct an intensive examination of your top online competitors, their methods, and their weaknesses. We then develop a strategy designed to exploit opportunities we uncover. Modeling the successes of others and avoiding their failures is a great way to accelerate growth. It's a shortcut to success!

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    Systems Strategy

    Effectively bridging the gap between marketing, sales, and operations to create a streamlined workflow, exceptional efficiency, and greater profitability is one of our specialties. It is all about process improvement.

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    Live Event Strategy

    For speakers, authors, or businesses that hold large events to promote their products and services, there are particular issues and opportunities available through social media, P.R., co-op advertising, etc. A solid event optimization strategy needs to be developed!

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